Mastermind Europe Manual

In the Mastermind Europe project, we have developed Guiding Tools and Key Forms to help academic Master’s coordinators to see if and how they can improve their admission criteria and procedures to enhance the international and diverse nature of their classroom.

The Guiding Tools are concise brochures with information – from practice and literature – on one specific aspect of the Mastermind Europe approach, like “Subject-Related Knowledge & Skills” or “Language Requirements”. The Key Forms are forms that can be filled in by Master’s coordinators as an aid to analyse their present admission practice and to identify things that they may want to change.

In this Users’ Manual, we go step-by-step through the Key Forms and Guiding Tools, explaining and giving examples of how they can be used. The Mastermind Europe experts are available to advise academic master’s coordinators further and to give feedback on the way they use the Forms and Tools, comparing with numerous other master’s programmes on which they have similar data.

Mastermind Europe Manual (Draft, PDF, Nov 2016)

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