Guiding Tool 5: Language Requirements

The desire (and need) of graduate programmes in Europe to also attract participants from outside their own university, and from outside their own country, has – in all European countries other than the UK – called for the development of programmes in another language than their own native language. With a limited number of exceptions that will be outside of this guiding tool’s scope, this has led to the development of programmes in English as the medium for instruction (EMI).

Through this development, “language” became the very first issue that made academics look at other things than just the bachelor’s diploma to decide upon an applicant’s eligibility. It helped to open the door towards the thinking about criteria for admission – additional or alternative to the bachelor’s degree.
This Guiding Tool supports Master coordinators in deciding whether (and if so, how) to incorporate them into their own (University’s) admissions process.

It provides a step-by-step description of this decision-making process, but of course more detailed background information for those interested is also provided.


Guiding Tools 2 – 6 (PDF)

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