Guiding Tool 1: Coherent Admission Framework

Guiding Tool One  looks at admission criteria and procedures from a holistic perspective and provides assistance in creating a Coherent Admission Framework in terms of both internal and external coherence.

For internal coherence, it aims to assist the academic master’s directors in identify the key questions in deciding to admit or admit specific applicants – in view of the programme, the ensuing work, and the mix in class. It offers some guidance on striking the balance between measurable and qualitative elements in an admission procedure and stresses the importance of transparency – for students from other countries and education systems – and of validity – organizing admission in such a way that the predictive value of the criteria and norms can be monitored.

For external coherence, it helps master’s coordinators to fulfil basic conditions of transparency and validity and to embed the master’s admission a) in the general framework of the master’s programme and b) in the student’s experience at the university from first contact to alumni.


Guiding Tool 1 Coherent Admission Framework (PDF)


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