Workshop Session in Amsterdam: Master’s Drugs Discovery & Safety

January 01, 1970

On March 7th, yet one more session with one specific Master’s programme was held. This one was in Amsterdam, with over 15 academics from the various tracks of the Master’s in Drugs Discovery & Safety at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. As the toolkit and the set-up of these sessions by now has proven its value in various national and disciplinary contexts, we feel confident to leave out now the idea of a `pilot`.

The session followed the regular pattern of explanation of the transition from degree recognition to assessment of competencies, the articulation of the “learning incomes”, explanation of the elements of the Matrix and the underlying Guiding Tools.

As in other sessions, the academics were triggered into discussions on what knowledge, academic competence and other requirements they (often implicitly) expect of starting Master’s students and how that relates to the purpose and design of the Master’s. As experience with these workshops grows, the concrete and tangible ‘take-aways’ that the participant identify also become more numerous and more significant.

Download VU Workshop Presentation (PPT, 3MB)

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