Workshop at CMEPIUS, Slovenia

January 01, 1970

On February 5th, 2016, Inez Meurs and Kees Kouwenaar were invited trainers in a workshop for Slovenian academics and administrators hosted by Cmepius, the Centre of the Republic of Slovenia for Mobility and European Educational and Training Programmes.

The workshop followed on an earlier participation of one staff member of Slovenia and one from the University of Ljubljana in the Focus Group meeting in Milano.

In the workshop, Inez and Kees introduced the Mastermind Europe objectives and Guiding Tools. In particular, they laid the connection between the Mastermind Europe notions on competency-assessment based admission and the concept of “Learning Outcomes”. They introduced the tongue-in-cheek concept of “Learning Incomes” as faulty English but a powerful metaphor for the core message of the project.

The presentations triggered lively and constructive group discussions among the participants on the technical and procedural aspects of master’s admission in the Slovenian context and on the applicability of the Mastermind Guiding Tools to improve master’s admission in Slovenia. It became apparent that the Mastermind Europe approach might seem to be tailored specifically to master’s programmes in need of ‘selection among the many’, but is in fact equally powerful for master’s programmes in need of increasing the pool of suitable applicants. Better articulation of ‘learning outcomes’ makes it easier for a large group of (internternational) students to understand that a specific master’s programme is really tailored to their needs and ambitions.

The presentation used in the Ljubljana workshop – building on earlier presentations at earlier occasions – can be downloaded here (PDF, 472kb).


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