Interview with Focus Group participant Sergio Nistico

January 01, 1970

Sergio Nistico answered us some questions about his experiences as Focus Group participant.

Can you explain how you heard of the FG meeting and why you decided to join?

Though the Master I coordinate has been on Study Portal since 2009, I did not know about the Mastermind Project before being invited to join the Barcelona FC meeting. I accepted the invitation because I am aware that improving the efficiency of the admission process of a Master that attracts students from all around the world is crucial for the future of the program. 

What was for you the most characteristic thing in the Focus Group meeting, the thing you remember best?

The morning presentation and the subsequent awareness that so many European Universities are experiencing similar challenging problems.

What would you tell (or what did you tell) colleagues at your university about the Focus Group meeting?

I had a first, short meeting (about 30 minutes) with my colleagues of the Economics committe about my experience within the FG. I summarized the background and the approach of the Mastermind Europe Project as it emerged from the morning session in Barcelona as well as all from the afternoon ‘practice’ . Given the interest of the subject , we will soon have a second, longer meeting whose aim will be of identifying possible improvements in the admission process for 2017-18. 

Mastermind Europe develops Tools and Guides to help people like you improve master’s admission and in this way get a more international, more diverse classroom. How useful did you find these Tools & Guides and the underlying concepts. What was your experience in testing these tools?

Having a more international and a more diverse classroom wothin a well defined program is a very ambitious aim. Whatever tool, able to help in the selection process is welcome and the basic idea of the tools to check whether what we are looking at is consistent with what we are looking for is interesting. At the same time, I am not sure that the tools as they now stand can be helpful to reach the aim. I found the structure a bit confusing. 

Anything else that you would want to share with us on the Focus Group meeting or the Mastermind Europe project?

I have appreciated the ‘open’ approach of the project, wherein the awareness of the subjets ‘locally’ involved about the challenge they are facing is more precious than adopting a ready made solution. Go on!

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