Quality Council

Mastermind Europe has a Quality Council, composed of independent international experts. The Quality Council is consulted both on the overall strategy of the project and on specific issue like the draft Guiding Tools and the Survey for the reports.

The Quality Council is mostly consulted by email and when necessary by teleconferencing. In these cases, Mr Joseph Vilalta, Secretary General of the ACUP, will act as chair of the Quality Council.

The members of the Quality Council – in alphabetical order:

In addition, Mastermind Europe consults with representatives of other relevant initiatives / platforms: Tuning, NAGAP and FAIR:

  • Joshua J. La Fave, NAGAP Secretary, serving on the Executive Committee and board liaison for the International Relations Committee
  • Robert Wagenaar, Tuning coordinator at Groningen University
  • Bas Wegenwijs, team coordinator / policy officer at EP-Nuffic (Dutch ENIC-NARIC), coordinator of EC projects on recognition

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