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Mastermind Europe is, on paper, just another three-year EU-funded project (under Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships in the Netherlands). In practice tough, it is much more than that. It is daring and innovative initiative led by a dynamic team of European universities, associations and companies that aims to revolutionise admissions at Master’s level in Europe.

The project consists of building the foundations for a paradigm shift in Master’s level admissions in Europe, from admissions preponderantly focused on diploma recognition to a system increasingly based on the assessment of competencies. Up to now, the majority of efforts to improve admissions to Master’s programmes in Europe for students with a Bachelor’s from another university than the one offering the Master’s have focused on two main issues – the increasing standardisation of defined outcomes of the Bachelor’s degrees and on the improvement of the mechanisms for recognition of prior diplomas and degrees.

However, given the growing diversity within and around these master’s programmes, an alternative approach to Master’s admissions is needed. The project comes to answer this need and aims to generate a pool of resources – research reports, focus groups, guiding tools, pool of admission experts – that will be useful to academic directors of Master’s programmes who want to base their admission decisions less on recognition of diplomas and more on assessment of the applicants’ competencies and that can concretely support them in this transformational process.

This website is a gateway to the various resources developed in the project and to the project team. We would like to get you involved, not only by sharing with you our project outcomes, but also by encouraging you to shape our progress as we go along. Check our timeline to find out when we plan to deliver tools and other materials, read them and send us your feedback, and come join us for one of our upcoming focus groups! And don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We’d be more than happy to explore the answers with you.

Project Timeline

Project Timeline

The EU supported Mastermind Europe project planned for at least one draft and one final version of the 6 Guiding Tools and 4 reports. During consortium meetings, focus group meetings and through feedback from the Quality Council the quality and relevance of the project work were to be discussed. Several events were planned to share the project outcomes with a wider audience.

Looking back at the ERASMUS+ phase of the project, we can count a cumulative total of over 80 subsequent versions of the Guiding Tools. We rearranged the reports: 3 of the original reports were merged into one, but the Paradigm Shift analysis grew from a Guiding Tool to a full fledged report. As we added a Guiding Tool on languages, we still ended with 6 Guiding Tools. The several events turned out to be 19 (instead of the planned 6), with a total participants’ reach of over 800. In addition, we provided a structured and guided access to all documents (grey and published) in the only repository. The Final Conference was greatly appreciated by all participants.

Upcoming Events

Have a look at the upcoming and past events around the Mastermind Europe project

Diversity in transition from Bachelor’s to Master’s

As part of the event “Diversity in transition from Bachelor’s to Master’s” in Siegen, Germany Kees Kouwenaar held a introductory presentation about the need for different admission practises to achieve a diverse, international classroom. Download presentation (ppt, 2MB)

Competence 2016 Wageningen

From October 19-21, 2016, a major conference on international conference on competency in education will be held in Wageningen, the Netherlands. The conference consisted of plenary and parallel sessions, with the latter in the format of mini seminars of 2-3 Read more »

Utrecht Learning Community Graduate Admissions

On November 2, Mastermind Europe project coordinator Kees Kouwenaar addressed the ´learning community graduate admissions´ set up at Utrecht University to professionalise graduate admission. The meeting is part of a series of events at Utrecht University.

Expert Training Day VU Amsterdam

On January 24th an expert training day is organised at VU Amsterdam.

Workshop Session in Amsterdam: Master’s Drugs Discovery & Safety

On March 7th, yet one more session with one specific Master’s programme was held. This one was in Amsterdam, with over 15 academics from the various tracks of the Master’s in Drugs Discovery & Safety at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Read more »

Information Session Barcelona

How to choose the best students for Master’s programmes and to do so by going towards an admission model based on competencies? This was the main issue addressed on Tuesday, March 28 in the open session on models for selection Read more »

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